Sometimes the best way to tell a story is documentary.

Econ Films recently won an award - for a film about a fundamental issue in development that is so often overlooked. Tax policy.

It's not hard to see why taxes get ignored. They are less photogenic than vaccinations or new schools. And even in rich countries, nobody likes them.

But that doesn't make taxes any less important.

As the film TAXING PAKISTAN argues (, whatever you care about in development, whatever the priority, governments need money. Pakistan collects just 9% of its GDP in taxes - that is low even for a developing country.

Made for the LSE's International Growth Centre, the film brings together the insight and passion of economists seeking ways to increase Pakistan's tax revenue. It was filmed in Lahore, Pakistan and London, UK.

The judges, an academic and a documentary-filmmaker, praised it for being 'very well crafted, with a clear and passionate narrative and multiple voices.' What pleases up most is that this film brought together our skills and experience in filmmaking, storytelling AND economics - a combination that really sets Econ Films apart.